More than 100 years of history and experience

We work in a very traditional way to maintain the flavor, aroma and appearance of the artisan delicatessen.

It all started when our grandfather Ramón Cosp opened a butcher shop in the town of Planoles, hence our name Embotits Casolans de Planoles.
We have a family history of butchers, our great-grandparents slaughtered pigs in the “Cal Sidru” era of Nevà, so traditional in our regions. Since that time, we have been a family business dedicated to the production of sausages and closely linked to our people and their customs:
The beginning


It all started when our grandparents Ramón and Maria opened a small inn and store in Planoles.


The business passed into the hands of the sisters: Rosa, Roser (the youngest) and her husband Domènec.


In order to have the correct control of the drying and conservation of every sausage, Domènec and Roser adapted the facilities according to the new sanitary and production needs.
Preparing for the new century


We moved our premises to where we currently are.


Upon arrival of the new century, the company passed on to the third generation. Continuing with the same premium quality products, but also introducing new varieties of cold cuts and pizzas.
2020 – Present
We currently have a wide line of Premium Quality products:

Cooked sausages

Cured sausages

Fresh sausages

Artisan pizzas

We are dedicated to making our products
in the most genuine traditional way

We conduct a very careful selection of meats and spices, ensuring that our products maintain that traditional flavor, intense aroma and appearance of the original artisans.
All within a mountain environment, with an excellent climate that allows us to provide the product with a natural cure, on most occasions.

Our products have always been made with meats of enviable quality.

Avoiding the use of colorants and preservatives, gluten or dairy, allows us to reach all sausages and cold cuts lovers that are allergic or intolerant
We have grown adapting to new times; never forgetting what has characterized us: the premium quality of our products.
Today, you can find our products in many different shops, stores, delicatessens, restaurants, in our small shop in Planoles, as well as in more than 200 yearly Fairs in Catalonia! And now, on our website.

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